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Improving the child’s immunity, raising healthy and happy children have become the most important concern to all parents. In the TCM perspective, children’s organs are not fully matured, in terms of physically and functionally. Hence, children have weaker immunity as compared to an adult. In other words, they are more susceptible to the influence of foreign negative energy, which can cause cold, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, wheezing and other respiratory diseases, as well as gastroenteritis and other diseases.

How can TCM benefit?

Traditional Chinese Medicine can act on the human body through either external treatment or internal adjustment to stimulate the body’s positive energy and achieve the effect of improving the immunity of children. 

What to Expect?

Each session consists of consultation and the take home medication. Our TCM Physician will also advise on topics such as diet, exercises and lifestyle. Massage for your child (suitable for child under 6 years old) also helps improve children’s respiratory and digestive system functions and increase immunity. You can enquire more about it during your first visit.

What is the frequency of treatment?

It depends on each individual case and our TCM physician will advise.

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