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Troubled by acne issues but nothing seems to work?

Our Acne Management TCM Programme provides a personalised and holistic approach to help you treat and heal your acne issues. TCM physicians will provide a diagnosis on the root cause and contributing factors of the acne problems. 

Acne causes whiteheads, blackheads and pimples which usually occur on the forehead, chest, and face. It can be challenging to get rid of acne, especially if it keeps recurring. Acne is common in teenagers and most of the time some goes away on its own. However, persistent recurrence of acne may be signs and symptoms of underlying health issues. TCM treatment works from inside out, hence enabling one to achieve a healthier well-being, as well as a clearer complexion.

Acne occurs when the skin produces excessive sebum, causing pores to get clogged. As a result, surrounding hair follicles swell because of the built-up, allowing the bacteria that live on the skin surface to enter the pores and infect the sebum.

TCM believes the imbalance within the body will be manifested on the skin. TCM Physicians are able to pinpoint the internal pattern of disharmony by examining the profile of the acne such as the shape and the areas that they had developed.

Once the cause of the teen’s acne is determined, TCM physicians will establish an individualized treatment plan, considering the underlying cause of the acne and the teen’s body constitution and condition. In addition, lifestyle and dietary advices will also be given.

How can TCM benefit?

  • A holistic and natural approach that is entirely safe.
  • Better controlled of oil production, reduction in acne and inflammation.
  • healthier well-being and clearer complexion.

What to expect?

Each session consists of consultation and the take home medication. Base on the condition of your skin, our physician will advise on the duration of each session and if there is any add-on treatment that are necessary.

What is the frequency of treatment?

It depends on the severity of the acne issues and our TCM physician will advise on your first visit. Typically for start, it will twice weekly. Patient follow-up sessions are important in the healing cycle.  The treatment programme may have to be restarted if disrupted.  It varies on individual cases, if the acne is cleared up, patient may come fortnightly to maintain the healing process.

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