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Although cancer is a threat to human health and life, traditional Chinese medicine has proven its competency with rich experiences by adopting the approach of healthy living for cancer prevention and treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine can summarize the occurrence of diseases as the result of two factors: positive and irregular. “Positive” refers to the normal physiological function of the human body and the ability to resist diseases; “Irregular”, referring to various internal and external pathogenic factors, and the occurrence of tumors is mainly due to the weakness of positive qi, which leads to the onset of diseases.

Although Traditional Chinese medicine targets treatment of the tumor, starts treatment from the human body, emphasizes the strengthening of the body constitution as a whole. At the same time, fight against cancer and prevents the invasion of pathogens. In different stages of the disease, the strengthening of the body resistance and the dispelling of toxic are organically combined, thus mobilizing the body’s healthy energy, adjusting the yin-yang qi-blood disorder and the internal organ dysfunction. This will eventually change the conditions of the tumor occurrence, inhibiting or eliminating the tumor. The patient will achieve stronger physical quality, improvement of the symptoms and have a higher quality of life. When the disease condition stabilizes, it will help in the prolonging the life.

Together with western medicine treatment, traditional Chinese medicine has its special advantages by reducing the body damage, toxic and side effects caused by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine complement each other with much benefits.

TCM stresses on prevention as the first step, actively intervening with by using traditional Chinese medicine for some pre-cancerous diseases (such as chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal epithelium biosis) and eliminating the cancer in the bud. The cancer can be cured clinically after surgery or radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatments, achieving a more stable condition. However, the traditional Chinese medicine believes that the internal environment of the tumor has not been completely changed and that it is possible to relapse under certain conditions.

In summary, Traditional Chinese medicine can improve deficiency and rectify irregularity, improve physique, eliminate the risk of tumor cells recurrence, strengthen the effectiveness and prevent recurrence.

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