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Immunity is actually the “positive energy” of traditional Chinese medicine, which refers to the body’s ability to resist disease and negative energy. The ancient medical book says: “When positive energy is stored, negative energy cannot invade,” and the human body is healthy and strong in disease resistance. If diseases and negative energy are unable to attack the body, one will not become ill. Conversely, if a person is sick, it is due to the lack of positive energy and effects of negative energy.

As children’s organs are not fully matured, their immunity is weaker than that of an adult. Thus, they are more susceptible to the influence of foreign negative energy, which can cause cold, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, wheezing and other respiratory diseases, as well as gastroenteritis and other diseases. Improving the immunity of children has become the most important topic of concern for many parents.

How to improve immunity using Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine can act on the human body through either external treatment or internal adjustment, so as to stimulate the body’s positive energy and achieve the effect of improving the immunity of children.

The following are some suggestions that can be implemented

1. Massage for children:

The massage method is used to stimulate the corresponding acupoints and the channels and collaterals by rubbing Feishu, Zusanli, Yongquan points, etc., thereby replenishing the three organs of the lung, the spleen and the kidney, activating the body positive qi of the children, and achieving the balance between the viscera. It’s a good option for toddlers who have difficulty taking drugs.

2. Diet:

It is said that “medicine and food share the same source”, and under the guidance of a TCM physician, the health care medicine and food which are suitable for the body of a child can also help improve the immunity of the child.

3.Chinese Medicine:

The traditional Chinese medicine method for improving the physique is very flexible, taking the principle of “treating the symptoms in an urgent way and treating the root causes in a slow way” as the principle, when meeting the child at the early stage of the disease, the child can be treated with different prescriptions according to the cause of the disease, and after the disease is cured, the child can be properly adjusted according to the physical condition of the child so as to achieve the effects of resisting disease, treating negative energy and taking care of the physique. It is also helpful to take a slightly sweet herbal powder for tonifying your lungs and strengthening your spleen when there is no illness.

4. Exercises:

Parents can play sports with their children, such as aerobic exercise such as running and playing without crowds, to improve fitness and immunity. Attention must also be paid to providing children with a good lifestyle, adequate sleep, a stable mood, and a healthy diet, which are all key to improving immunity.

In short, the first step to keep children from getting sick and reduce allergy opportunities is to improve self-immunity. As immunity improves, illness will be less frequent, complexion improves, appetite improves and the body will naturally get stronger.

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